Cruises. I had never been on one before, but was always curious. Those large ships pulling into Circular Quay, Sydney, always fascinated me. And finally this time, the one I saw sitting so beautifully next to the Harbour Bridge, I would be taking a wonderful adventure on.

The Carnival Spirit. The feeling of excitement, I can’t explain. Leading up to a trip always feels so surreal, but on the day, it suddenly hits home, and I’m filled with exhilaration. Tim and I took a train in with our luggage, which was so easy once we got there, we just walked to the overseas passenger terminal. The weather was glorious. Circular Quay was buzzing. Our city is magnificent.

Excited much? ;P Obligatory selfies to capture the moment of excitement on the balcony of our room, which we were very impressed with!


circular quay at night

Not the best photo, but gliding out from Circular Quay, out of the Harbour, was exactly that – magnificent. The view I saw of the city, one I’d never seen before at night, blew me away. Wow. Wish I had a photo, but was so caught in the moment.

After 2 days of cruising we arrived at the very pretty Isle of Pines.


The water was many shades of blue, which I always find inviting. And despite the chill of the water, I had to take a dip. It took me a while to build the courage, but once I was in it was absolutely refreshing. It reminded me of my time in the Mediterranean Sea. So tranquil. We also went to Noumea, but that wasn’t my cup of tea, and we were unlucky with the weather, so I was really glad we got to spend a day enjoying the sunshine at the Isle of Pines.



20150726_190426 20150729_222318

We were very impressed with our room, and balcony on Deck 8 of the ship. Enough room fora lounge, king size bed which was so incredibly comfortable that upon our return we’ve bought a new king size bed, hoping to replicate the one on board. The room also had lots of closet space, a reasonably sized bathroom, a mini fridge with refreshments and a TV. Our room was cleaned twice a day, which I also thought was pretty impressive.

20150728_180336_Richtone(HDR) 20150728_180621editIMGP0052 20150728_180647editEnjoying the sunset from our balcony.

Food overload! It was absolutely amazing food. Most of these shots were taken in the Empire Room. Such fantastic service, and delicious food to choose from.


We often had our breakfast and lunch in the Adults Only area, Serenity. No kiddies running around, for those of us who love our peace and quiet 😉 What I enjoyed most about the cruise, is that the food, entertainment and accommodation is all inclusive. We mostly paid for cocktails ($10.50) and special dates at the Noveau restaurant. Tim enjoyed duty free shopping and scored himself a really nice watch.

20150727_095220 carnival cruise
wpid-dsc_0226.jpg 20150726_170643_LLS 20150726_170036

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday. The staff on the cruise were so friendly and welcoming, which truly makes a difference. I would definitely go on another cruise again!


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