I am obsessed with shift dresses! So flattering, for any size! Do you have a shift dress? I think it’s one of the wardrobe essentials!

Wearing CYLK dress, Kobe Husk Wedges


  1. Hello pretty face ABSOLUTELY agree and you look amazingggg in this!thank you for the gorge beyond gorge words dear, love from istanbul xx

  2. anna White Reply

    Love it !! Since sporting a huge baby bump shift dresses have been my saviour this summer…they are super comfy and I feel like I still manage to look chic and with the times..lol
    Hope you are well lovely x

    • Joelyne Reply

      Thanks Anna, that’s good to know – one day when I’m pregnant I’m going to stock up on shift dresses! XXX

    • Thank you hunni! you should SO get one 😀 They’re majorly comfie. Or you could make one 😉 haha x

  3. Love the dress! One can never have too many shift dresses 😉 I like the way you punched it up with the reddish wedges.

  4. How pretty you look in your shift dress;-)
    Shift dresses are so sensuous and feminine – every girl ought to have one.
    Wishing you a fun weekend, too.

  5. You look stunning once again. I don’t own a shift dress, but love the look of it on you. Very pretty and chic look. ♥♥

  6. You more than do the dress justice! It looks divine on you. Love the Team at cylk xxx

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