I was gifted these awesome beauty products, from QVS, to style my eyebrows with the help of this fantastic video tutorial by QVS and UBU!

Eyebrows done well can really bring out your features. Keep them close to natural as possible, with a nice shape. My advice is to not over-tweeze and don’t overstate the shape of the brow.


Once or twice a year I’ll go to a beautician to get my eyebrows shaped, and the rest of the year I do them myself. To get the perfect brow, with my own little tiny eyebrow scissors, I trim the longer hairs up the top, and pluck the rest. No wax involved. It’s actually not that hard to do, and this video provides some great tips and tricks, that are really helpful.

Most recently I followed the instructions in the video, using the In-Style tweezers, and they are seriously really good! Easy to use and far more accurate when aiming!

Thanks to the video tutorial, and the QVS angled brush, I now use brown eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows, and it lasts all day.


The items mentioned were a gift from QVS. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own and I bring to you only the best products and experiences.


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