This post is particularly exciting, as my blog has acted as a vision board in a lot of ways.


Revisiting Old Blog Posts # 1

Post from 2010

15 June 2010:

I’ve made the decision to finally buy an apartment this year. Hopefully when I get back from Greece. Been browsing on for new one bedroom apartments which have been sold for around my budget and found this. It’s exactly what I want. Hopefully I find one like this!!!




3 July 2016:

Hey Guys! So I’m updating my blog, looking back at really old posts and reminiscing. This post is particularly exciting, as my blog has acted as a vision board in a lot of ways. Posting about this first home inspiration, really brought me towards my dream of buying my first home. (I got an even better apartment than what I had expected!) In the same street as the apartment in the photo above. I talk about this in my video: Vision Boards + How I Bought my Dream Apartment.


I ended up buying an apartment very similar to this, that year as I had hoped, after my beautiful trip to Greece. It’s so important to share with others your dreams, and not keep them hidden inside. Of course, share your dreams with positive people. Those you know who will encourage you. Not those negative, pessimistic, half glass empty people. Unfortunately, without meaning to, they will drain you of your dreams..

  1. Share your dreams with positive people

  2. Print out photos and put them up on a vision board

  3. Post photos on your blog or pinterest

  4. Download a vision board related app to your phone or tablet, and look at it at least once a day

  5. Write down small, simple steps to work towards your goal. Take action. Consistent small steps lead to giant leaps! Check out this post on small, simple steps to get some inspiration.

Joelyne xoxo



  1. >wow that is absolutely gorgeous! JUSt mY STYLE TOO!!

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  2. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! Reply

    >Oh it is sooo beautiful!!! i hope you get it! xoxo

  3. Lorine Kalista Noor Reply

    >waw! I love your new apartment! It looks nice and clean..
    Really want to have apartment like you

  4. that girl lucy Reply

    >ohh can't wait till i get my own place – gonna go crazy with deorating! haah 🙂

  5. >Wow good looking apartment sweetie! It is a good investment in any way, I wish you the best and smooth sailing dealing business with them…

    I'll come to your housewarming party! *wink!

  6. >Wow thats so exciting. I wish I could buy an apartment but it feels like it will be such a long time away.

  7. >it's so… australian! it looks exactly like the one i rented for two years in perth… oh, how i miss it…! and the pools outside…

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