short balayage ombre hair

Dotti Top | SHEIKE Skirt & Belt | Wittner Heels | Sophie Kyron Necklace

It was VERY cool being flown to Melbourne for this event!!!

cocktails at miss fox

bloggers veet night out

Lucy & The Runaways


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miss fox

bloggers at miss fox

cocktails at miss fox

miss fox

Here are some piccies from my girly night out at Miss Fox in Melbourne a few weeks ago! I was flown in by VEET EasyWax & Nuffnang Au, and put up in a cosy apartment in the midst of the city. Such an exciting, first time experience!!!

One of the most exciting parts of a night out, is getting ready. I got my GHD out and straightened my hair, enjoyed putting on my makeup and of course my Veet EasyWax to ensure my legs (and arms) were smooth and sexy for a night out!

Here I am, dressed for Spring weather in Melbourne. A 3/4 long sleeve top to keep warm + a high waist skirt with my BARE legs (of course I have to show off my freshly waxed, hair free legs). Not sure if you read my Veet EasyWax post earlier, but basically, it’s an electrical roll-on device, which keeps the wax at the perfect temperature, so you can achieve smooth gorgeous hair free legs, just like in a salon.





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  1. I’d show off my VEET bare legs with nude heels! I would want to show off my long(ish) legs and you can never go wrong with nude heels!

  2. Style with Benefits Reply

    Gorgeous J! I love your super straight hair. Wow, sounds and looks like you had an amazing time! Love the burgundy top too!

    Hope you’ve been well!

    xx, becs

  3. pool days are coming and whether im wearing my polkadot one piece or a floaty flirty summer dress i’ll need the perfect accessory: VEET smooth legs to match

  4. With my fabulous Seafolly Kaftan I bought especially for my Bora Bora trip coming up in November

  5. Catherine T Reply

    I’d show off my sexy VEET bare legs with a gorgeous Borat Mankini.

  6. I could wear ANYTHING! So dress me up as a crazy wicked red-eyed bloody zombie…they’d still love me and my smooth legs! WOO!

  7. kerry santillo Reply

    Showing off my hot new maxi dress!!! My legs wont know what hit them♥ Bring on the smoothness Veet, am desperate.

  8. I would show off my Veet Bare Legs with my thongs, cool summer dress and floppy hat. Gotta love summer – cant wait to shed the winter coat LOL 🙂

  9. My super fun new colour block platform wedges for Summer, paired with one of the gorgeously bright Summer dresses I picked up from ASOS on sale!

  10. I’d wear a silk shift number (silky soft to match my legs of course!) it would take me from the beach in bare toesies, to dinner in heels. Big smiles only accessory needed.

  11. kerry santillo Reply

    woohoo!!! Thanks so much!!!!! my legs will be winners xxxxx

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