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To be honest, I haven’t used a ghd on my hair in about 2 years (except for occasionally at the hairdressers). Since I cut my hair really short, I gave my ghd to my mum and started using a 50 dollar mini hair straightener.

My hair has grown now, as you can see.

When ghd contacted me to review their styler, I jumped at the chance as the mini hair straightener I was using was just not giving me the results I wanted. I’d go to the hairdresser, and they would use their ghd on my hair after blow drying it straight. I felt like it was time for me to have one.

So now I have one and I’m so excited with the results. I can now get salon styled hair in the place of my own home. The photo above, and all my recent Instagram photos feature hair which I straightened using my new ghd.

Even more excited that I have a ghd with pink plates. Call me girly, or a princess, I don’t mind. I have a hair styler with PINK PLATES PEOPLE! Love it!


My favourite things about this ghd Pink Hair Styler:

ghd is the Rolls Royce of hair stylers. There’s no beating it.

The quality, feel and look of it is just beautiful.

Salon styled hair.

Heat resistant satin storage bag. Easy to just chuck the styler in there after you’re finished with it.

Heats up quickly. I think it’s a minute or so. Great for when you’re in a hurry.

For this limited edition (ghd Pink Cherry Blossom Styler), $20 for each styler sold in Australia and New Zealand is donated to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Do you use a ghd, or other styler for your hair?



  1. COSMICaroline Reply

    Gorgeous hair, loving the color. And thanks for your comment!

  2. Lauren, Your Only Black Swan Reply

    Ever since I cut my hair short, my usual wide plate straightener did not do my new cut any justice. I wasn’t getting the results that I would get at my salon. Who knew shorter hair would be harder to maintain let alone style. So one day, during my visit to my salon… I finally opted to get a slim line (piano finish) ghd! It was one of those limited editions ones too. BEST THING to happen to my hair, after my new hair cut that is! It heats up quickly, easily reaches the bits at the back and a breeze to use – not to mention, salon results at home!! Hooray for ghds!

    You’re looking gorgeous as always,

    x Lauren

    • Haha so great to hear your ghd story. I don’t know what I’ve been doing without one!!!! I agree, best thing to happen to my hair!

      Thanks gorgeous! <3

  3. Joelyn! I swear, you look more gorgeous with time and you have the most enviable skin I’ve ever seen! I love your beauty posts like the one below and I hope you do them often! xoxoxoo

  4. Agree with everything you said about the styler! Its a life changing product. I used to think that all stylers are the same. Oh Gosh I was soo wrong. GDH rocks. Great review J. xx

    • I used to think the same too! haha! I think every girl should have a ghd! Thanks Maria! Have a great weekend gorgeous <3 x

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