Ventura Comp Jamis – Road Bicycle

I’ve been meaning to get a bicycle for FOREVER, so that I could go for a ride down to my local beach Brighton le Sands.  I FINALLY got one, a proper road bicycle gifted by a special someone. LUCKY me 🙂

I used to ride a mountain bike all the time as a kid/teen with the other kids in the neighbourhood and for the past year have been yearning to go for a ride to remember those cycling days. A road bicycle is quite different, with the handle bars lower, and thinner tyres. It takes a while to get used to. I think I’ve got the hang of it now!

It’s such a great way to be out in nature and exercise without even noticing it. Recently I’ve ridden at Brighton le Sands which has a great bicycle track and Port Stephens while holidaying.

I’m going to be hitting up these spots for a bike ride real soon! Do you ride? Where’s your favourite spot? xxx

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