It was my 26th Birthday last week, and I had such a beautiful day.

I didn’t plan much. Just treated the day like any other day, and was wonderfully surprised at how the day turned out because I had no expectations.

Have you ever been considerably disappointed, because you expected so much from an event like new years eve, valentines, a birthday or anniversary and things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would? Or someone dissapointed you because of their actions, when you expected so much more from them?

I am slowly learning to have less expectations, of people and of situations. Here are some quotes I found which sum it up nicely.


“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”- Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” – Eli Khamarov


“I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than fatally disappointed.”
― Julia Glass, I See You Everywhere


Here are some photos of the pretty gifts I received. Thank you to all of you on twitter, instagram and facebook for the nice birthday wishes 🙂


lampshade with chandalier

Thanks Mum for the beautiful lamp and crystal candle holders.

Thanks to my lovely work colleagues for the gorgeous roses.

lampshade with chandalier

red bow





  1. Happy belated birthday! I totally agree with you, I always make the fatal mistake of having high expectations for New Years and it always disappoints so I have come to learn not to hype things up too much and just take it as it comes! Lovely gifts by the way!

    • Thanks Meghan for the wishes 🙂 I’m the same for New Years Eve – I always want it to turn out perfectly and be something extra special. I’m letting that idea go, slowly, slowly!


  2. really beautiful thougts and presents! you right but it may sometimes be difficult not to expect… :-)..
    And i can not believe how clean and “zen” is your apartment!! Please tell me that behind the camera, you’ve hidden lots and lots of things ;-))!!???

    • Hey Poppy!

      Yes it can be difficult, but as I said to a friend earlier today, the more we practice, the better we get! 🙂

      Haha – I try to keep my apartment looking zen, especially in the photos. There are a few things hiding behind me 😉


    • Thank you Ivy 🙂 Yes I do love my place. 23? Thank you – nice compliment to hear once you hit 26!

  3. Happy Birthday! I totally agree about the lower expectations. I have applied this to my life for many years and it has been very successful.

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