I’ve been vegan for 2-3 months now. #newbievegan

I’ve always wanted to try and cut down on eating meat.

how i became vegan

I never thought I’d become vegan and I just didn’t think there were any delicious options. I thought I would just have to eat raw vegetables. But that’s not the case. I have a hot cooked meal every day. Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese? YES PLEASE. So delish!!!

For the past year, I’ve intentionally eaten less meat, because 1) I never really loved it to begin with, and 2) I was becoming more exposed to what really does happen to animals. A  beautiful Netflix film on this is Okja. Such a wonderfully made movie, which is not too confronting, but really brings the truth to light.

My vegan mindset

It does help that growing up, I didn’t eat a lot of meat, as my dad at the time was vegetarian. I had a lot of veggie-based meals. I really didn’t like the taste of meat – so when I did have it at home or eating out, I’d hardly eat any.

A good friend of mine has been vegetarian for a few years now and is now cutting out dairy and poultry. What I think works really well for her, is that if she craves eating chicken or fish, she will have it – maybe once every two months. I think if you do love meat (unlike me) then this is important for your state of mind. To not say to yourself, ‘I am cutting this out forever’. A better way to put it, so that this new habit sinks in is, ‘I am trying this new healthy lifestyle change, and in time if I really have to eat <insert>, I won’t be too hard on myself – I will have it’.

I have done the same thing. I LOVE CHEESE!!! So much. So, rather than tell myself I won’t ever have it again, I’ve told myself that I will have it if I really want it. And I haven’t REALLY wanted it. Because I am so fulfilled in what I’m eating. It’s been a few months now, and the vegan cheese has been good enough for me. This mentality REALLY works! 🤗

The brain is pretty powerful and doesn’t like us creating new habits. (it goes against its protection mode, where already formed habits are ‘safe’).

So we need to be smart and use the right words and affirmations that will help us move forward and create healthy habits.

Don’t use the word diet – I NEVER say it. My brain hates it, and it usually does everything to persuade me not to do it 😀


I am super healthy, and I don’t limit myself from eating anything. I choose to enjoy the most delicious food that leaves me feeling full of energy.

My thoughts on Overconsumption of animal products

What has really brought it home to me, is that the over-eating of meat has only been a recent thing in society. My parent’s generation, growing up, only had meat on special occasions. Many countries today, still do not eat much meat.

We, as a society now, eat WAY too much of it. An interesting fact – if we used the earth’s resources that we use to grow the grains we give to farming animals for consumption across the world and instead put these resources into growing plants to feed people, we could cure world hunger! I’m not making it up! Read more here. It is humanity that is doing this to each other – not nature and not God.

So, How did I actually become vegan?

One step at a time.

Of course, my beautiful God always helps me with these sorts of things 😉 So I prayed on it!

I cut beef from my diet. And that was easy!

Then I cut out lamb and pork. I ate mostly birds – chicken, turkey, and duck.

Then my health took a turn. And my gut was really unhappy! Always bloated. I was feeling weighed down by it. It didn’t go away. It would stay bloated 😐

I was going to the gym nearly every day, and I was not feeling as energetic as I should be.

So my partner and I decided to do the elimination diet. We couldn’t tell if it was dairy or poultry. I was eating a lot of cheese, milk, and butter, and didn’t realise this until I had to look at everything I ate, to the detail!

I was really excited to start the elimination diet with him because it’s so hard to do on your own when you live with someone. Trying to make two meals instead of one? It is not practical – but I’m sure it can be done. For me, it was important that we both do it.

How i became vegan


Once we started down this road, there was no turning back. We were more mindful of our food choices. We have always been animal advocates, so this really aligned with our values.


Of course, a big WIN was that my bloating went away. I started shedding body fat (YES!) really quickly, within a 3-month time frame, I started this about November/December. And, I have SO MUCH ENERGY now. WOW.

I feel happy and on top of the world. Seriously.


I’m not only feeling healthy, but I’m saving so many animals in the process, and helping beautiful nature – our environment.

My extreme period pain was non-existent last month. So I do hope this will be a long-term thing! This is a huge thing for me because sometimes I can’t even move. I’m in so much pain, I even take pain killers and they don’t work 😐 Do any of you have this issue? I do hope this new lifestyle change will eliminate period pain forever!

And I DO get enough protein. I have been sharing my recipes on my IG stories, and now in my highlights. Do check them out! 🙂

Vegan Options & SO much Inspiration

There are so many vegan options, that are so delicious, I am seriously eating more delicious food on a daily basis than I ever was! And, I don’t feel so tired and heavy after a meal!

If you want some vegan food inspiration, there are so many! Here is one of my faves! Rainbow Plant Life. I haven’t made any of her recipes yet, but I love her YouTube videos and the photos of her food on Instagram. She is so inspiring. I especially like her latest youtube video – How to Hygge (unrelated to vegan food, but a great watch!)

Honestly, I have NEVER cooked so much. I am so inspired now to find new recipes to make. Last night I made Miso soup with bok choy, shitake mushrooms, edamame beans, corn, seaweed, tofu, and noodles. On the weekend I made spaghetti bolognese with vegan mince – there is hardly any difference. So delish. Last week I made vegan hot dogs and beetroot burgers. I use vegan shredded cheese, which tastes like cheese – so I am getting my cheese fix, vegan butter, and soy milk.

Look at these pancakes Tim made recently. He is a chef. Yes, I’m lucky 😛 but surprisingly, I am the one who cooks mostly at home – go figure!! 😉


Other super inspiring vegans I’m following:

Be sure to check out my IG stories for my latest vegan cooking 🙂 @thesydneygirl

And I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever thought of going vegan? Are you hoping to start? But don’t know where to start? Or, are you already vegan? Leave me a comment below or send me an email! [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you!




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