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“At 35, I know who I am, and having a 16 month old baby allowed me to grow up. I not only became a mum, I sort of became a woman. So I’m feeling a lot more like me now than I ever have.” -Shelley Craft

Chatting with Shelley Craft was pretty damn inspiring! We’ve seen her on Saturday Disney, travelling all over the world on The Great Outdoors, and making us laugh on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos – she is so grounded, bubbly and down to earth. You seriously just want to give her a hug, she’s so sweet.

Shelley and her partner, created the must have Aussie Fashion App on the iPhone/iPad – Hanger Nation.

Aprilia and I asked her a few questions about it, and love the fact that it has a store locator and the latest designer lookbooks!


“It’s been a year long challenge! We wanted it to be not just the first fashion app out there, but be one of the first big apps developed in Australia. Hanger Nation is the expression of what I love, something I could do to support & showcase the industry that I love, being Australian Fashion.

You never get to see the behind the scenes action, and being from the behind the scenes world, it’s a really nice thing to share. You can see the garments move, and not just still shots all the time. We will be filming more of this and adding it to our videos section on the website.

Travelling a lot in Australia and interstate, sometimes you can’t often find your favourite stores & I’m usually shopping in a mad hurry, so the store locator in the app was through necessity for me.”


Thanks Shelley!

The App is currently available for free!

Get Hanger Nation ASAP!




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