After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying I was motivated and inspired to declutter in many areas of my apartment, starting with my closet!

I pulled out all the clothes from my wardrobe and piled them in the middle of my living room. Then, as I learnt from the book, I held each item in my hand and asked myself, “does this bring me joy?” If it didn’t, I placed it in the charity pile.

It’s interesting how many things we keep that we don’t actually love. These things take up so much room in our lives. It’s time to break free! Woo-hoo! Get excited.

This photo represents one wall of my wardrobe which has only the items I wear on a daily basis for work. In the mornings, it’s so much easier to pick an outfit to wear. Also, I now have more room to add items that bring me joy (^_^)/


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