Hello hello lovelies!

Tim and I went on an awesome day trip out of Sydney on the weekend. Approximately a 2 hr drive. We had a picnic at Jamberoo look out, and then when we ran out of spots to visit at Jamberoo, we ventured to Kangaroo Valley.  We drove through a luscious forest, with sneak peaks through the trees of a wondrous valley ahead. What a beautiful place!!! I holidayed there as a child, but only remember very little of it.

Kangaroo Valley is so gorgeous. Hills of green, and in the distance fading into misty blue. The cutest little village, with adorable cottages. The most creative gardening you’ve ever seen. I was in love.

So, we decided we’re going in a month or so for a few nights. We found an awesome cottage to stay in, surrounded by trees and across a lake. And, we’re bringing our doggie, Boomba aka Albie <3

P.s. thank you Tim for bringing me on this adventure, and taking the photos 😉

Joelyne xoxo


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