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Good evening! 🙂

So here are my favourite tights of the moment. I wear them at least twice a week to work, with these boots, and a dress. You know you’ve got a special clothing piece, when it’s a)super comfie b)pretty c)gets compliments left, right and centre! Okay I’m bragging quite a bit here, but I’m deadly serious. I love them. They’re perfect.

On another note, I’ve had these boots for a few years now, and I’m finding it so hard to find other boots which fit my legs. I’m a size 9, so knee high boots are usually too wide in the calf area. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions! P.S. Happy Winter!!!



  1. Lovely boots and tights! They look really warm! 🙂

    Sorry I have no suggestions for good replacement boots, I love the Asos celo boots and bought them in 2 colours but they are loose and not fitted at the calf

    The hunt for the perfect winter boot can take a few seasons I find!

    • Are they knee high? And do they look alright not fitted? Have you taken a piccie in them??? 😀

      • Yep if you don’t scrunch them down they are knee high!

        Here they are pretty unscrunched…I’m beginning to wonder if that is even a word.
        They are taller than knee high on me cos I’m a shortie. I pretty much have to push them down to be able to walk, haha.
        I have a few pics of them, mostly all smooshed down though: I hope that link works for you 🙂
        Leather wise the brown ones have the stiffest leather and bounce back to maximum height fairly quickly.

        Sorry for the long comment!

        • Don’t be silly, I love long comments 😉 The boots look great scrunched! And the red knitted asos dress looks great with them! x

          • thanks! I really liked them with the dress too, my fave wear to wear them so far! 🙂 I think they are maybe still not what you’re after though, but if I see anything else I’ll let you know! 🙂

            Hunting every winter for the perfect boot got tiresome! Glad I found the asos boots they were exactly what I wanted 🙂

          • Thanks, yeah if you come across any do let me know. Boots are my favourite type of shoe, but yes, you’re right, it takes a few seasons to find the right ones. I’m glad you found the asos ones, hooray! x

          • Me too! Hopefully my good boot luck will rub off on you and you get a great pair before winter is over! 🙂

  2. Love the tights; it’s always hard for me to find tights which are detailed enough not to be boring and which are not too over the top at the same time. That is why I like yours. I have the same problem with boots. They never fit my legs properly. That is why I don’t own even a single pair of boots.

  3. I have the exact same problem with boots – I know there is a company here that makes them in different widths but the styles are not that great. Love your tights though – happy winter indeed 🙂

    ♥ ThankFifi

  4. I have skinny legs (like hockey sticks really) and large feet so I have the same problem with getting boots to fit around my calves. I recently found a pair of Aldo boots that are quite fitted and have adjustable straps! Your tights are adorable!

    • Glad I’m not the only one! I’ll check out Aldo. Ordering some customised boots from the boot maker. Will do the review when I receive them! X

  5. Oooh, those boots look so warm, and the socks look nice and cozy! It’s summer where I am, so I can’t even think about wearing warm clothes right now!

  6. A's Fashion Files Reply

    Love your pants! They are so cute! And thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!


  7. Love those tights!
    Do you have any suggestions on what to team with leather look tights/leggings? they seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment but i am hesitant to get some because i just dont know what to put with them… any wisdom???
    Thanks alot 🙂

    • Yes I have LOTS of suggestions! It depends on your type of style though and whether it’s for winter or summer. Generally leather look tights look great with knee high boots, ankle boots, or flats and a long tee/jumper on top 🙂

  8. mystylebyjoandy Reply

    love the print on your tights , perfect for everyday!!!

    • Thank you Annia! That’s very sweet of you to say! I will check your blog out for sure! X

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