If you’re in Kefalonia, Melissani Lake is a must visit!

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Cute little kitten…IMG_0177IMG_0073IMG_0074

Gorgeous flowers everywhere!



Greeks love to be out late at night. They’ll go out for dinner from 9pm!

Koroni View

This cute little restaurant had wonderful food, and a really pretty view.

Myrtos Beach

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This is the beach that reminded me of Australian beaches. I was so surprised to see these huge waves in Greece. Not something you see at a typical beach in Greece. It was also such a magnificent colour. The white pebbles really made the water such a gorgeous light baby blue colour.


Antisamos Beach

Some of the scenes from the movie ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ were filmed here.

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I did some snorkeling here and it was pretty cool. The fish were beautiful. Where you can see the light blue water, it was obviously shallow, but where you see the dark blue, when looking with the goggles under the water, there was a HUGE drop. Pretty scary but exciting at the same time!