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Laser Hair Removal – I wish I jumped on the bandwagon years ago! I tried it for the first time last week over at The Laser Lounge – Sydney CBD. Why there? Because they use the ‘Rolls Royce’ of certified, medical graded laser technologies, and are run by professionally certified Laser and Skin Therapists. It’s not a ‘beauty salon’ it’s a beauty clinic – and that makes me feel safe.Here is my feedback, cause I like to give you the real goss;

First things first, yes it’s painful. But as my mum always says, No Pain, No Gain 🙂 And it’s over so quickly! If I can do it, anyone can.

Hot & Cold sensation – The Laser Lounge’s medical grade laser, has a built in cooling device which sprays cool cryogen gas in order to protect my skin, before the laser energy targets my hair. This cooling sensation makes the treatment more comfortable and faster than other hair removal devices. You’re encouraged to focus on the cold sensation – this got me through it. Oh and the stress ball helped also! I’m a clencher!

I had my underarms, upper lip and a brazilian treatment. A few weeks later it grows as stubble, and then falls out. Amazingness. My next treatment is scheduled for 6 weeks.


Read my other post which includes ALL you need to know about Laser Hair Removal here.

Joelyne xoxo




  1. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! Reply

    >oh I would love that, hate shaving!!! might need to ask you some q's!


  2. fickle red riding hood Reply

    >I just started doing laser last week as well. I'm so excited by it. What are the prices like at The Laser Lounge?

  3. >ive been wanting to get possibly a brazillian & underarms done for a long time but i dont think i have the $$ atm, is it expensive?x

  4. >Sounds like heaven <3 Worth a try in my opinion! Can already imagine the happiness after all the treatments. Will try for sure! Xo

    – Urska @

  5. >ok, great great great you 've tryed it, i've got a lot of questions :-)!!( but i'm not sure i will translate my french well..)humhum..
    1) i wanted to make the upper lip, but my dermatologist explain me that on the face it's "hormonal hair" so we need to do all the face or nothing, because if you just do for example the upper lip it can grow on the cheek… Did you do the all face?
    2) what is a brazilian treatment??
    3) to do it you have to stop shaving before for how long time…?

    Thanks a lot for your answer, i think i'm gonna do it too this year, in winter!

  6. Haute World Reply

    >I really need to start doing this too. My hair is quite fine, but it still annoys me to have to shave. The pain factor did always scare me, but the croygenic treatment sounds like a good idea. I'll have to see if any clinics here do that too!

    P.S. I've finally joined Twitter @haute_world. Hope to see you there!

  7. >Thanks for your questions lovelies! They will be answered by the experts at The Laser Lounge, and posted on my blog this week! Stay tuned! 😉 XXX

  8. BeautyOverdose Reply

    >I've done laser on full arms and face, and it is a total life saver!!

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