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Sitting outside on my lunch break from work. It’s such a beautiful day. The sun is shining bright, I’m sitting under a tree and feeling so lucky that I can take a break in my workday, walk only 10 minutes, and be at such a gorgeous park – Victoria Park, in Sydney.

As Spring has hit me, I’ve realised how much happier I am right now. I compare this time to a year ago. It’s drastically different. Last year, at this time, I was grieving over a lost friend. At that time I thought I was okay, but looking back, I really wasn’t – and that’s okay.

I was also going through changes at work, a restructure. A job became available that I really wanted, and I felt that it was perfect for me. So I put so much pressure on myself and was so stressed out about it.

I got the job! Yay for that. However the following 6 months in that new job was incredibly hard. My workplace was going through a number of changes, the work was insurmountable. I was continuously backpedaling, trying to keep above water. But – I learnt SO much. And I wouldn’t change it.

Now, everything is so calm. Is it the calm before the storm? Maybe. I am thankful because I know life isn’t always like this, and there will come another time, it’s guaranteed, another time that I have a crazy path to stumble through, and I’ll have to remember, that, when that happens, the storm will pass.

Again, I reiterate, I’m thankful for now. I won’t take this calm, sunny and light-filled time for granted.

Joelyne xoxo


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