We really all DO have a choice. When I want to motivate myself, I read lots of amazing motivational books and basically surround myself with stuff that inspires me. I love searching the internet to find great videos and stories of people who are really successful and reaching for their dreams.

In the past, I had to stop and evaluate my friendships and really cut out all the negative people in my life. Spent time with some wise and wonderful friends and family, time in nature sitting under a tree and just thinking about nothing. ie. meditating. All these things got me back into a happy mode, and they always seem to do the trick. At the moment I have a little ritual of making myself a nice hot chocolate in the evening, listening to music and writing a journal entry (personally I like to write to God, that’s my way of finding answers). Currently, I’m focusing on meditating again, and it’s really getting me into the zen state!!!



  1. Fanny Leone Reply

    Hi joelyne ! It´s a really good post ,really inspiring in différent ways. Since several month, I’ve tried to focus myself on good things in Life and in ME ;)…..which is not so simple when you are not used to!.. And i find it’s again harder to protect ourselves from wrong people…so i’m happy to find some inspiration here and it is so difficult to imagine you had to deal with negative people too, you are always so happy :)!

    • Hey Fanny 🙂 Thank you! I definitely have my good and bad days, but try to remain positive, especially around others, as I don’t believe negativity gets you anywhere. That’s fantastic you are focusing on good things in life! What kinds of things do you do to cheer yourself up? x

      • Fanny léone Reply

        Hi Joelyne ! I agree with you, positivity is really important! We can really see it on your face, you have a very positive smile, and certainly very communicative!
        When i’m not in my “best mood”, I write on my computer everything that “turns” in my head, and I feel it really helps to remove the bad thoughts! To feel better, I look at pretty pictures on instagram or on blogs like yours for example, I read and watch a fun series on TV (Friends forever makes me laugh!) and I try to relax .. I started recently to hula hoop :)!!

        • I completely agree that writing really helps remove the bad thoughts, and clears your mind. I also watch friends! Love it. Always cheers me up. Wow hula hoops??? That must be good exercise 😉

  2. Very true. Changing the mindset. Make a decision. Be motivated and take the steps in the right direction! Well this is easy to say to myself, but a reminder never goes astray!

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