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As you all know, I’m holidaying in Greece atm! Clearasil have asked me to share with you how I meet my day head on, and what exactly it involves! We want to inspire you, and show you that you can have the confidence to feel your best, no matter what your day throws at you. Whether you’re holidaying, like me, or on the go (like what I’m usually up to when not going to a wedding in Mykonos).

Please read on to see what my busy day usually consists of, and how I get through it!



7:00am – My usual day consists of busyness – as well as moments of pleasure. I wake up at 7am and get ready for my 9-5 job. A typical day starts with waking up to my alarm, jumping in the shower followed by my skin care routine. I’ve been using Clearasil products, specifially Clearasil’s Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts range. What I love about it is that its kind enough on my skin for everyday use and keeps my skin nice and clear. I’ve been using the range while here holidaying in Greece and it has kept my skin smooth and clear of pimples, which is important when you’re on a holiday and want to look and feel your best. I had a wedding in Mykonos and was glad to have my skin free of blemishes!

Beginning the day with my skincare regime is an everyday routine of mine which helps me get on with the day and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at me. I then pick an outfit to suit my mood, makeup and then a spritz of perfume. My favourite at the moment is DAISY by Marc by Marc Jacobs.


9am – Start work at the office, and of course, I have my morning soy mocha coffee (With 2 sugars naughty me!). Some days at the office when my skin is feeling isn’t feeling great I have my cosmetic bag with me in my handbag ready for touch ups and blemish control – When your skin is clear you not only look confident – you feel more confident and ready to get on with your day.

12 noon – A great time to grab some lunch and go for a walk. I’m quite blessed to have some beautiful spots around my work. I love going outside in my breaks as it’s always good to get out of the office for some fresh air and getting something delicious and nourishing to eat.



5pm – finish work and make my way home. I hop on a bus and train to get home and usually read a book on the way. I’m currently reading ‘A Lineage of Grace’ by Francine Rivers, and it’s so hard to put down! Great read on the way home after a long day.

6pm – get home and usually my boyfriend brings over a home cooked meal made by his mum. I love her cooking! After dinner, it’s time to relax and unwind. I spend time with George and we watch our favourite TV shows together – We love our Aussie TV shows like The Voice, My Kitchen Rules, Master Chef or Big Brother.

9:30-10pm – I finish the day with my night time skin care regime. At the moment, I’m using Clearasil at night as well as the morning. It’s great to go to bed after taking off the day’s makeup and relax in bed with fresh, clear skin. At this time of the night I’m ready in bed reading a book which helps me switch off enough to fall asleep and recharge for the busy day coming up!

For your chance to win a $500 experience of your choosing to exercise your confidence, tell us in the comments section below this blog post, a time when confidence failed you because of bad skin!

Competition closes Wednesday 7 Aug, 2013 at 5pm AEST, open to Australian residents only.



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  1. I once tried out a cheaper, supermarket brand of exfoliater, being a uni student I was trying to save a couple of dollars. The wash left me with a horrible allergic reaction, my face was bright red! (Literally and figuratively!).

    I was too embarrassed to go to class for a week, I hid at home. Never again though, I’ve learnt my lesson- don’t scrimp on anything that’s going to come in contact with your skin, it is the most sensitive part of your body, and of course, a barrier to protect you from the outside.

    [email protected]

  2. I hate being in photos and I never do ‘selfies’ because my skin is horrible. Pimples, oily skin, uneven skin tone…

  3. This happened a few years ago, after I graduated from uni. I had finally found full-time employment in my dream job. I was excited/nervous about starting my new job, but excitement turned to horror when I woke up on the first day to start work with a huge breakout on my forehead. Disaster!

    I concealed it with makeup as best I could, but I remember that week always going to the bathroom to check in the mirror that my makeup was still in place to conceal the spot. I wonder if my new colleagues noticed that I was going to the bathroom so much!

    Was so relieved a week later when it disappeared, and now I can have a laugh about it 🙂

  4. tia_cherie Reply

    Marc Jacobs is my favourite ever… I just started full time work myself so it is interesting to see how you spend the day. Is that Sydney University? my sister goes there…and my cousin…and heaps of other people LOL.


  5. Narelle Rock Reply

    my wedding day, even after spending weeks making sure I used moisturiser and lip balm, I still ended up with cracked lips and dry skin that barely got covered up on my special day.

  6. Constantly and not just those times where pimples have been a concern but battling very red and sensitive skin that becomes very dry and sore is a daily problem for me so often I just hide away and confidence is something i strive to have. When total strangers feel they have the right to comment on your skin in public its embarassing and a huge knock to any confidence you may have had in yourself that day.

  7. Fiona Hayley Reply

    The day I turned 18! I was all prepared for my first ever clubbing experience with a killer outfit and gorgeous heels and planned to dance the night away! Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for the unwanted ‘accessory’ that popped up overnight in the middle of my forehead… it didn’t go with my outfit at all (angry red is so not my colour!) I tried to conceal it with make-up but it was a bit like trying to hide an elephant under a handkerchief. I feared if I went clubbing guys would be staring at my ‘big zits’ rather than my face. I ended up staying home with a few of my best mates i.e. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere wishing I was a Pretty Woman!

  8. Catrina Murray Reply

    With recurring eczema on my face,

    It makes me feel like a right disgrace!

    I do everything I can to make it go away,

    So that I can get back to feeling great,

    Ending the dread of leaving my house – every single day!

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