about joelyne

I am not a perfectionist.

I am very emotional.

I enjoyย self-reflection.

I am thrilled by getting creative, and most importantly, I love God!


All that I have manifested into my life, is because of God.

I am here to inspire women to lead their BEST lives. By living a gratitude-filled, and faith-centered life!


She is the girl who has AWESOME habits and absolute #FAITH that blessings will come her way

She is the girl who wants to fill her life with WONDERFUL meaning

She is the girl who wants BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS and a way to get through the hard times

She is the girl who wants to make AMAZING CHANGES in her life, and is looking to explore herself

She knows that having faith doesnโ€™t mean she has to give up all the beauty in her life.
She knows that having faith brings MORE of that!

She might not have faith yet. She might believe in God but not have the closest relationship with Him.
But she is on a dedicated journey to have a magical life and will explore her faith to see where it
takes her.

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