I decided to change my blog direction!  This is thanks to my renewed faith. Here is the backstory…

My journey

Since I was a teenager, sharing what I’ve learned with others and sharing my creativity and lifestyle has ALWAYS been a passion of mine.

new blog direction

Blogging started officially for me around nearly 10 years ago. A good friend encouraged me to start. He could see how much I loved sharing my ventures of promotional modeling, and being a brand ambassador. I would create newsletters and share photos and updates of my promo work and photoshoots on my website at the time. But it wasn’t a regular occurrence since the website wasn’t set up for that sort of thing. This was the time myspace existed – twitter and facebook were not around! So, I was posting more regularly on there. But, my friend thought a blog would be a better forum for what I was interested in. And he was right.

So I started a blog. And WOW. I loved it SO much. This was at the time blogs had first started, and my blog was one of many newbie blogs on the block in Sydney, Australia. So, there was a LOT of blogger stuff happening.

My blog was successful

‘Blogger’ was the blog platform I used, which was easy peasy and I thoroughly enjoyed tweaking the blog design, making it look pretty, and making it reflect me and my creativity. After work, on my lunch breaks and on the weekends, I spent ALL my spare time on my blog.

I was obsessed!

My blog was mainly a fashion blog. There were so many amazing bloggers and brands I collaborated with. I was invited to the front row of fashion shows at Sydney’s Fashion Week. Invitations kept coming through, and I was invited to many exciting events hosted by brands, and flown to Melbourne for a product launch, and attended blogger meet ups.

It was really exciting to design a piece of jewelry for a jewelry brand, sponsor a major event – Fashion Exposed, held at Sydney’s old convention center. It was really cool to win a laptop in a blog competition from HP Australia. I was sent freebies from major PR and marketing firms and had a great working relationship with them and I sat on a fashion panel at a bloggers forum, as an expert blogger. It was all happening!!!

What happened?

What truly stopped me from blogging, which I couldn’t write about at the time, because I prefer to write from a good place, otherwise it’s too raw…

The last 5 years have been the most I’ve grown, and I faced the most difficulties ever.

I had no inspiration for fashion anymore. I didn’t want to blog about something I was uninspired about. So I blogged about lifestyle, and the exciting times I had, I would share.

But, I was held back. I wasn’t my happiest self.


Life circumstances were one thing.

I started a new job, which, as has been a freakin roller coaster ride, but I am so grateful for where I have ended up, and I’ve grown so much from it!

Relationship problems, past and present.

I lost 3 pets I adored and lost my great friend and mentor, to cancer, and a friend who took his life 🙁

There were moments of drinking too much, as I was relying on the feeling of a high to make me feel better.

Moments of feeling lonely.

And moments of feeling a high level of stress, anxiety, and depression. When I was depressed, I didn’t even know it. But, being my happy self now, and looking back, I can see it for what it was. Not a good place to be in.

My faith was at an all-time low

And, the other thing was that my relationship with God, my faith, was at an all-time low.

I believed – I really did, but I did not pray. I did not take any action on a frequent basis to stay in touch with God.

Increasing my faith

I then made it a goal a couple of years ago, to increase my faith. To have a stronger relationship with God. This was a scary goal. But, I knew if I did this, everything else would improve.

I started with small steps. Started to journal more. I bought a bible and read two pages per day in the morning. I then started to read spiritual books, about God.

new blog direction

As my faith strengthened, and I created good habits, my zest for life has come back again. At an optimum high. A natural high. The high I was seeking previously, and trying to fill a void with, now came from God, instead, as it should! Amen.

I have also found the courage within to put my authenticity FIRST. To put God FIRST. This is a major breakthrough for me. I have always been worried that I would offend others, or be judged by it.

blog direction

And, so, I decided it’s now time to get back into my passion for blogging more seriously again. YAY for that!!! 🙂 high five

I decided, (with the guidance of God, and lots of prayers, waiting, and listening to the messages coming my way) to share this side of me on The Sydney Girl.

Who is ‘The Sydney Girl’ Now?

The Sydney Girl is me and not me. The Sydney Girl is who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. And The Sydney Girl is also, who other girls were, are, and who they want to be.

We all want pretty things and a wonderful lifestyle. And we can have all that, and MORE, and a more meaningful and happy one, with God leading the way for us.

The Sydney Girl was that girl who loved fashion and yearned for more because this wasn’t fulfilling. She then went on this journey of adversity and self-discovery, finding her faith and now here she is. A girl who found more meaning, courage, STRENGTH, and is now surrounded by more beauty that she is so humbled by, and incredibly grateful for!!! And, there is MORE to come! YASSS!

It seems to me that living in a big city, compared to living in a small town or village lacks community and culture. I think we can fill those gaps, wherever we are. We can manifest the life we truly desire! The law of attraction absolutely works – hand in hand WITH beautiful God.

Love, J



  1. Hi Joelyne, I love the new look of your blog!!! I am going through something so similar… I guess I grew up and the things I thought were important to me back then (fashion, like you, and parties etc) are just not important anymore. I’m into meditation and yoga etc and just enjoying the little things!
    I’m excited to read more of your new content! Enjoying it so far! Maadhi x

    • joelyne Reply

      It’s so interesting how we grow and evolve and our interests change, right?!

      Oh, and I have been really enjoying Yoga lately! It’s not easy, but leaves you feeling really good!

      I really appreciate you stopping by, Maadhi!

      Joelyne xo

  2. What a great post! You are a beautiful and courageous girl Joelene. I’m looking forward to following your blog’s new direction xo

    • joelyne Reply

      Thank you so much Marie-Josee 🙂 I appreciate your kind words!

      Joelyne xo

    • joelyne Reply

      Aww thanks Mandy <3 Such beautiful words. Thank you so much.

      Joelyne xo

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