Self-confidence means that you trust your abilities, qualities, and judgment. You are unmoved by the ups and downs of life and are able to go with the flow. When you know who you are then you know what to do. Confidence means staying aware of your self, values, talents, and attributes without someone else having to validate or verify them. Confident people discover themselves at the deepest level and know their strength as well as their weakness. They are not afraid and do not try to hide their shortcomings. Confident people also have an honest heart and the courage of their convictions.

-Brahma Kumaris

Self-confidence doesn’t come easily. But it’s definitely achievable, and should be something to strive for. Through self-exploration and going along on our journeys, we can certainly get there.

Personally, I’ll be reading the above statement as a reminder every now and then. For me, self-confidence is a work in progress. I feel like I’ve got to keep working on it as different people and circumstances come into my life. We’re all continuously changing, learning and growing.

If you feel like you don’t have self-confidence, read the above quote as if you do hold all those qualities. And, if that feels wrong, that’s a good thing. It will prompt you to question why. I ask myself, Why can’t I trust my abilities? Why can’t I trust my judgment? And so self-discovery unfolds. What are your strengths? Write them down. Re-read them. The more you question, the more aware you are of what you need to work on. Awareness is the key.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Self Confidence is hard to come by especially when the times get tough and the sheer magnitude of problems overwhelm you day in and day out. Tough goings make me battle from within, let alone the crazy stuff going outside. Very thoughtful quote from Brahma Kumaris. Thanks for sharing Joe!

  2. Greta Gale Reply

    I have this picture on my phone and use it as a background when I need a bit of reminding! So, I totally agree with you, all this fashion and beauty is fun, self-confidence is key if you actually want to pull it off!

    Much love, greta

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