For most of my life, I’ve believed in God, but, didn’t know how to spend time with God.

I didn’t know what spending time with God involved. I just thought that believing in Him was good enough.

My life became so crap, to be honest. I was depressed, bored and boring, demotivated, lethargic, lonely, sad, and the list goes on.

Why spend time with God?

Now, with my experience, I realise how valuable having a relationship with God is. And to have a relationship with Him, we need to spend time with Him, just like we need to spend time with friends and family to develop meaningful relationships with them.

My life is now better than ever. (Of course, it’s not perfect. I don’t want to portray the wrong picture here), but I have so much awesomeness in my life, and that’s number 1 – thanks to God. Spending time with Him has made the biggest difference in my life.

I am more confident, I love who I am and what I am capable of, and I feel at peace, and so happy. In times of trouble, I feel like God is there for me. It’s amazing guys! If this sounds good to you, please read on.

God is absolutely SO willing to do SO much for us, we cannot even imagine. He has given us free will, and hopes with our free will that we will choose to, and want to, spend time with Him.

So what’s stopping us?

Why are we so busy and so consumed with our lives that the prospect of spending time with him feels either too religious, too out of our comfort zones, too much of an inconvenience, and the excuses in our subconscious minds that make us resist this are never-ending.

Why are we spending time watching so much tv and on social media? When I meet some people, I ask them what they did on the weekend. What they fill their time with. And here’s the same old answer – Oh, not much. Just relaxed at home, did some cleaning and watched TV. REALLY???

I do love TV. Don’t get me wrong. But there’s a thing called balance, and hours spent watching TV is so unproductive. I used to do this – I was Queen TV. So the judgement is on me too! Let’s cut down on the tv, (still gotta watch Friends though) and let’s make time for some awesome new habits that we enjoy.

Let’s create better habits

So we evaluate our daily habits, and, decide we’re going to create better ones. Life is too short to not have goals, and not strive to be happy and make the best contribution to this world that we can – which will bring us the most fulfilment. One of them can be spending time with God. Add that to your list of goals for 2018! 🙂

Spend time with God.


Firstly we need some wonderful habits in place. Like a morning or evening ritual, and tack this habit onto it.

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Click to read more about How I Spend Time with God. #inspiration #blessings #faith #journalingHere is a list of simple things we can do, to spend more time with God:

1. Live in a state of Gratitude

The way I spend time with God is to be living in a state of gratitude. Whenever I can appreciate the good things and the beauty surrounding me, God comes to mind. I smile inside and thank Him.

This is a habit I’ve formed that takes time. It comes naturally to me now, which is so wonderful. The best way to start is to find something in the morning to be grateful for, that you can thank God for. For me, it’s the sunrise. I can see it from my window, and I see it, I smile inside and thank God for this beautiful sunshine.


Journaling is a wonderful way to pray to God. I personally find it easier to have a conversation with God, by writing.

I make myself a coffee, and you can read about my morning ritual at the following link.

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I take out my bible and read 2 pages. This takes 10 minutes only. There are beautiful messages to learn and some wonderful inspiration.

I take out my journal and write like you would in a journal, except I write to Him. I write about what I’m grateful for. My daily frustrations of life. As I write, I get ideas that pop up in my mind in response to what I’m writing. This is what I believe to be the Holy Spirit guiding me. To others, it could be Divine Guidance.

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3. Ask him for help in times of trouble

In times of trouble, God pops into my mind, and I do a quick prayer to Him to help me with this issue. To help me make a good decision and resolve it.

Sometimes, something might not sit right, and, you’re not sure what to do. Leave it to God. Sometimes we think we know what we want, and what is best for us, but he has a better plan.

If it doesn’t come to mind, to think to ask God for help – it didn’t at first for me – pray, and ask Him to help you with this. A simple prayer like – God, please help me to reach out to you in times of trouble, so that I can be receptive to your assistance, and allow you to help me.

The more you pray, and the more you spend time with Him, the easier it will be to call on Him when you need Him.

Because I have spent time with him, I have an inner knowing-ness, a feeling that comes when I’m heading down a path that he knows isn’t best for me. I get this knot in my stomach, and I pause and think about how I can either put this decision on hold, or what I can do to get out of it.

God Loves You

God loves you so much. And he is willing to do so much for you. He is wondering when a lot of us will spend more time with Him.

Life is passing us by. We only have one shot at it.

Let God in, and let him help you. The only way to do this is to spend quality time with Him.

It’s hard when we’re incredibly used to our routines. Which is even more reason for us to take some time to reflect on our routines, and make a decision to add this time with God to one of them.

For more help on creating rituals, visit my post on Rituals to Change Your Life, where I talk all about it!

I hope this post has helped you. Even if it gives you one idea, or, food for thought, that’s incredible! Please let me know in the comments below whether this is something you do already, or, something you’ve thought of doing. You can also share your thoughts via email to me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading, lovelies!



  1. This is so beautiful. Years ago I put God aside for selfish reasons and just reconnected with Him again a couple of years ago. My life has been amazing ever since. I talk to Him all the time now. Thank you for this lovely piece.

    • joelyne Reply

      It’s so wonderful to hear from other women who have gone through the same things. I also put God aside for selfish reasons, and knowing how different my life is now that I make time for Him, I must share it with others.

      So great to hear you talk to Him *all the time*!


      Joelyne xo

  2. Thanks for sharing.. “God loves us so much” well said. I do a devotion each morning reading the scriptures and can’t do without seeking the presence of God each day. God bless

    • joelyne Reply

      Such a wonderful habit! I’ve added reading a devotion on top of my Bible reading in the mornings, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m using the YouVersion Bible App, and they have all these great devotion plans. Just finished C.S.Lewis and the call to create. Very inspiring 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Joelyne xo

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