Welcome to my first installment of The Sydney Girl | Love List. My own twist of ‘Friday Favourite’s’ which I absolutely love on the blog Lipstick and Cake!


LOVE… the belated birthday pressies I recently received

A pretty pink bar of soap, cotton napkins, crystal wine stopper, salt and pepper shaker & vase and a floral mug! – thanks to my special friends.




LOVE… this Gorgeous Cosmetics Scarlette Lip Pencil

Thanks to GlossyBox.Com.Au


lip liner

LOVE… This juicer

A present from George. Apple + Carrots = A yummy, healthy treat!


LOVE… My new customised cupboard

More pics of my new cupboard next week!






  1. LOVE that colour on you – it looks flawless which is always good because I always somehow end up getting it all over my teeth.

    And seriously loving your cupboards. You don’t want to see the inside of mine.

    • Thaaanks Sig! I love it too! Great thing is that it’s lip liner! So doesn’t smudge on teeth 😉 X

  2. OMG!!! Love the cupboard! Please post more pictures.

    Great gifts from your pals. That lipstick looks so good on you!

  3. YES that lippy is amazing I just wish wish wish I could pull it off like that! Maybe if I wish for a thousand years it will come true!! Cute blog 🙂 XOX

  4. Lots to love here. I’ve been looking for a juicer, and yours looks wonderful, and your closet organizer…amazing!!

  5. Love! I’ve been thinking to get a juicer.. but I don’t know much about them and which brands are good

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