The Laser Lounge’s Top Ten Summer Beauty Tips

This festive season look and feel fabulous by following The Laser Lounge’s Top Ten Summer Beauty Tips…



1.      Drink Plenty of Water…

Why? Helps to keep your skin hydrated and moist whilst clearing away any build-up of unwanted toxins!


2.      Apply the Right Moisturiser…

Why? We recommend consulting with a Skin Expert whether you’re using the best moisturiser for the season. If your moisturiser is too light then your skin may end up dehydrated, however, if it’s too rich and heavy during the warmer weather, you may increase breakouts along with a greasy looking complexion! Not so fabulous!


3.      Use Sunscreen…

Why? Sunscreen is one of the best anti-ageing products and protects your skin from sun damage and pigmentation.



4.      Eat Healthy…

Why? Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout summer not only helps to keep your skin glowing, but minimises the chance of piling on too many unnecessary kilos, especially during the festive season.


Apples illustration

5.      Avoid Excessive Alcohol…

Why? Some of us may like to indulge every now and then, but drinking excessively will only dehydrate your skin causing fine lines, wrinkles and worse of all breakouts.

6.      Wear Mineral Make Up…

Why? Mineral make-up not only covers any flaws and accentuates your features, but it also allows your skin to breath!


Mineral Makeup illustration

7.      Have a Break – Sleep…

Why? You know what they say every guy and girl needs their beauty sleep! We say black bags are a good fashion accessory, not a facial feature! 🙂

Sleeping Girl illustration

8.      Fake it with a Spray Tan…

Why? Choose the healthy option and fake it, not bake it. You’ll thank us for this tip in the long run, we promise!


9.      Apply a Hydrating Body Moisturiser…

Why? AHA’s keep the skin smooth and moist. If you also choose to fake it (8th tip), hydrating body moisturisers help spray tans last a lot longer.



Why? Never take life, health, family and friends for granted. Let your inner beauty shine from within and treasure life’s most precious moments.


Illustrations by Kim Davies at Inspired Lines



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  2. A great list of summer beauty tips, my skin always seems to dry out in summer and I bet it’s because I use the wrong moisturiser. Still, my favourite has to be the tip recommending more sleep…I’ve always needed a good excuse for my little afternoon snoozes, and now I can say it’s all in the name of beauty 🙂
    Thanks Joleyne.

    • Hey Gems! So glad you like the tips! The lovely ladies at The Laser Lounge wrote them! I really need to have more sleep – I’ve been waking up feeling so tired lately. Haha yes, naps in the name of beauty is a great excuse 😉 Wish I lived in Europe where Siestas are a must!


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  5. Alcohol dries the skin. So avoiding or moderating it is a must if one wants a healthy skin. Water helps the skin take on the moisture inside. Sunscreen is also a must if you want to get exposed in the sun. But due to the global warming, sunscreen these days are now being utilized to protect one from the harmful effects of too much sunlight.

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