my journey of trust being broken

Trust is a feeling that has always been testing in my life. To start with, when I was in primary school, I used to absolutely love collecting stickers. I kinda still do! Anyway, my best friend and I shared this hobby, and we’d both get excited talking about our wonderful stickers, and comparing them. Well, one day my stickers went missing! You could probably guess what happened! 🙁 So, one day I was at my best friends house playing hide and seek. I was in her room, and was very curious about these drawers she told me never to open up (obvious much?!) and what did I find? You guessed it! My stickers!

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I forgave her, and we moved on. But, I still remember that story today so, I guess it stuck with me.

From then on it felt like my life was a never-ending experience of trusting people, and them breaking my trust.

In high school, I made a new best friend and we did everything together! I’d go to her house all the time and she’d come to mine. We would sit together at school, naturally, but when a new cool girl started at the school, my best friend abandoned me and made a new best friend. Eventually she stopped sitting with me. It was really heartbreaking.

There are many stories like this that I have.

Further to this, throughout my 20’s, similarly, there were let downs and disappointments with boyfriends and best friends.

Eventually, I learned that no matter what trust was broken, I was OKAY in the end and I survived. As a result, I became stronger. And moved on.

Let go of Repeat offenders

I must say, if someone continues to break your trust, it’s time to let them go.  There are many people that I have had to let go of. There were people who were not true to themselves, so how could they be true to me? People with no integrity, selfish, envious, unreliable. Usually, I would give one chance because of course, we all make mistakes. However, when someone continues to disappoint you over and over, and they’re not taking any action to rectify it – it’s time to let them go.

We must let go! We need to surround ourselves with people who are honest and have our best interests in their heart. I think we  absolutely deserve that.

I’ve been hurt many times. How do I take the leap and trust again?

Sometimes we do not know if we can trust someone or a situation again. And, based on all our past hurts, it’s incredibly hard to take the leap and trust.

BUT, I’m here to tell you that we must take the risk. I believe as hard as it is, we will always be OK. If we don’t take this risk, we will not leave any room for wonderful people.

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I believe, that by trusting in God and trusting you will be OK, you can take the leap.

So many amazing and wonderful things happen when we do this. And yes, sometimes some crappy things, or awful heart-debilitating things. If we don’t take the chance though, we will never know whether something spectacular could come out of it.

How do I trust in God?

There were many occurrences, where I’d trust and let go, and let God, and things sorted themselves out in the end. I found that the more and more I trusted and let go, the more things panned out. I now have a knowing feeling due to all these experiences, that everything will be okay.

Pray to Him. Write to Him. Ask him to help you to trust. He will give you the guidance you need and the support you need to be able to do it.

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Worried about the past and future

There have been times I’ve been so worried about what could happen and this causes so much anxiety when we are thinking too much about the past or future. Trusting everything will be okay, is something I have finally learned, and the cure is to focus on the present.

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what do I do to focus on the present and trust everything will be ok?

I like to:

🌺 Read books that help me understand how the mind and ego works.

🌺 Surround myself with reminders. Whenever I see these reminders, I  remember to focus on the now. I remember I bought a beautiful gold ring with a pink heart shaped cubic zirconia, and this was such a lovely reminder, whenever I looked at it.

🌺 Write all my thoughts down.

🌺 Go out into nature more and focus on the beautiful flowers and trees.

🌺 Get creative with watercolours and sketching.

🌺 Pray.

Once you can appreciate and live in the moment you are ‘in the flow’ of the universe.

I found that when I went with the flow of things and didn’t resist change this would allow everything to work out.

This is trusting the universe. Trusting beautiful God.

Here are the resources that helped me build trust in my life:

🌺 The Power of Now

🌺 Zen Habits

🌺 The Bible

I would love to know if you’ve had similar experiences with trust, and how you got past them? Please share in the comments below, or send me an email on [email protected]I’d love to hear from you!



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