how I use veet easywax

I seriously didn’t think waxing my legs would EVER be this easy thanks to VEET EasyWax

I have been sent waxing products, and have bought some myself, and was not successful with any of them. So I have resorted to shaving, which is so annoying cause it creeps up so quickly, I basically have to shave every second day! Finally, an easy to use waxing product which will save me energy and time and will last weeks, or more? Waxing geniuses please do tell.

Veet EasyWax is basically an electronic device, which you pop a block of wax in and heats up in 20 minutes.

Here are some reasons I love Veet EasyWax.


I don’t have to use a microwave to heat wax up, which can be a) messy b) adds an unnecessary step into the whole process.

All done in a few easy steps.

Because it is heated up properly and stays heated, when left plugged in, the wax is at the right temperature like in a salon to just glide smoothly on to the skin.

It actually didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

My skin feels amazingly soft (I haven’t waxed in AGES, cause I usually shave).

Now I can feel amazing in my soft, smoothly waxed arms & legs when I hit the town & paint it red! So excited Spring is here, and then SUMMER!

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To enter,  just tell me in a comment below why you think the Veet EasyWax would be a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine!




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  1. Veet Easywax would be an awesome addition to my pre-night out beauty routine because I’m a busy mum of 1 active little girl and 1 baby! I’m always multi tasking and running around so anything that screams convenience and efficiency is always top of my list!

  2. A cinch smooth look and feel without worrying about shaving nic’s n cuts. Piece of mind you can put on that mini without worrying about a shaving accident.

  3. Gemma Davison Reply

    I really think I might try it now, I have been toying with the idea for a while, but put off by the pain!
    I trust you when you say it’s not to bad, so if it is I shall blame you Miss Joelyne!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Michelle V Reply

    As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    “Me” time is scarce, is it any wonder?!
    Trips to the salon are a thing of the past
    I just shave in the shower, but it doesn’t last.
    So this revolutionary Roll-On Kit by Veet
    Would make my pre-outing prep complete!
    It ensures that the process will be fuss-free
    No more stray hairs or nasty nicks to the knee!
    The results are long-lasting which is just what I need
    And it’s simple application means even I can succeed!
    The added bonus is it won’t break the bank
    So for smooth, fuzz-free pins, I’ll have Veet to thank!

  5. Veet Easywax is all about leaving our legs feeling soft and smooth without the drama. Time is totally important for a uni student like me and all I want is the comfort of looking amazing and feeling fantastic! As us girls are usually, we just never get enough time to prepare for outings but this would definitely help is putting time back into a pre-night out! No stress or mess, just easy, fast, amazing legs : )

  6. Veet Easy Wax is quick to prepare, easy to use, and convenient to store. Using
    it in your pre-night beauty routine means you have silky smooth legs and can
    therefore wear whatever you wish (not just pants that have to cover hairy legs)!
    And to top it all off, you are saving lots of money that can be better used on
    luxury treats!

  7. Like you I’m a serial shaver because I honestly cbf waxing. It’s usually too messy, too time-consuming etc. But this looks like it would truly solve my problems and perhaps help me finally get to the pool (i’ve been avoiding it because it’s so annoying to shave every 2nd day!)

  8. I will often do things last minute, and it’s such a hassle making an appointment for a wax and ofter they end up doing a second rate job anyway…let alone the hygiene ick factor of double dipping the spatulas at the cheapo asian wax salons.
    When you can wax your own legs in less than 20 minutes AT HOME, why bother paying $40 plus at a salon every 4 weeks.
    Veet easy wax sounds ideal, particularly as you’re not running back to the microwave to make the wax the right consistency after you’ve done one leg!

  9. Because I am a last minute girl and I usually “underestimate” my pre-night-out-getting ready time.
    Quick, no fuss, minimum pain and leaving your skin. What more can I ask for? 🙂

  10. No matter how organised I am, last minute is my mantra.
    I can have cleared my schedule for the day, bought the dress two weeks ago, got the shoes three weeks ago, had the haircut, done the make up the morning of and yet somehow….I fall short of time. That dress I bought requires a smooth leg and I knew that when I bought it, but come on – “I’ve got heaps of time!”
    Knowing Veet have taken the leg work (pun intended) out of my inability to time manage is a massive relief. For the simplicty, ease and amazing results, it means I can wear that dress, look and feel great and not have to go out of the house with bandaids all over my legs – an after effect of the quick-shave-fix!
    🙂 xx

  11. Jasmine1485 Reply

    I have to admit, when it comes to hair removal, I’m lazy. I want it to be quick, painless and easy as possible! If Veet Easywax can do all that and get me out the door with a minimum of fuss, I’m all for it!

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  13. I’ve just started waxing and I’m amazed at how soft my skin is after! This would be perfect especially because it’s mess & stress free! Which would be perfect for a new user like me!

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