peplum top

Portmans Peplum Top | Next Skirt | Betty Shoe Heels | Kardashian Kollection Bag



  1. Ah I love stuff no one told me! Like you said, all the photos are so cute! 🙂

    Really like the bright red pencil skirt with the peplum top – lovely classy outfit 🙂

    Away From Blue

  2. You look great! And you are such a natural beauty too.

    It’s true re: gratitude and how you can start to notice the good instead of the bad. I have a painful condition but if I give in to the scary thoughts, I can’t enjoy any aspect of my life. But listing the good things: the fact I can get out of bed, can talk, can walk, can express myself, have access to healthcare and a whole lot of other things the rest of the world doesn’t improves my outlook greatly. But it takes practise and I do slip lol – so your post just reminded me to give thanks!

    Take care xoxo

    • Thank you Anna! ♡ You have such a fantastic outlook on life. Yes we all do slip don’t we. I’m always so thankful when I find some sort of inspiration that reminds me to be grateful and remain positive. SO easy to slip! I agree.

      Listing the good things, that we sometimes take for granted sometimes, I’ve learnt (the hard way), is so important. All those things you mentioned, we really don’t give thanks for often enough. They become so simple to all of us, that we forget.

      All the best 🙂 XXX

  3. tia_cherie Reply

    Everything about this outfit is perfect. So well put together. You look amazing in red. I just love your positive attitude.

  4. You look so stunning! I love the red skirt.

    I’ll be travelling to Sydney in August and have just 2 days off post my work to explore and shop in Sydney. Which are the best places you would recommend for shopping? Preferably not too expensive but high on fashion 😛

    Thanks much in advance!

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