floral print skirt

SHEIKE Skirt | Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag | Michael Kors Watch

floral print skirt
floral skirt

I absolutely love SHEIKE. I know I’ve gushed on about it before, but I love the quality, pricing, sizing and detail.

To be honest, I wish this skirt were a little longer for work. I think I’ll wear it more on the weekends, or dress it up for evening wear. Below is a snapshot of me wearing it to go shopping with my mum.

floral skirt iphone

How would you wear this skirt?





  1. the length of the skirt is not too short to work , really, but I do not know exactly what job you have … and then, with a top like these it suits you perfectly! I find it very classy and feminine at the same time! successful 🙂 !

    • Thanks Fanny 🙂 I work in a university, in an administrative type role. Around older people I like to dress a bit more conservatively, however, I still add my edge to the outfit!

    • yes with tights would work well, especially in winter!!! 🙂 thanks for the tip 😉 Zara in pitt street mall! And Oxford street paddington when they have the markets on, is a great Saturday day out for shopping!!!

  2. I love the bag with the work wear. Love the skirt! Sheike style is absolutely flawless and this skirt does not disappoint – love how you transformed for weekend. I’ll take one thanks 😉

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