Hello lovelies!

I used to loathe reaching into my handbag, time and time, and time again, rummaging around, trying to find my ringing phone, or keys, or sunglasses, because it was just so hard to find what I wanted.

whats in my bag

Everything was jumbled up together! How many times has this happened to you?

So… I came up with a solution to this first world problem of mine, so that I could finally find what I wanted, when I wanted it, right then and there, with no fuss! It’s freakin’ amazing.

If you haven’t done this yet – please do it asap. I got myself some pretty pouches to put my stuff in. Simple isn’t it? Well, it took me years to learn that hard lesson.

It’s all about the simple things.

details whats in my bag

So what exactly is in my bag. The deets.

  1. Floral case: All my essential items are in this case. Spare pads, tampons, disposable eye drops, hair tie, bobby pin, Ventolin puffer, band-aid, pen

  2. Phone, earphones and sunglasses in a pretty piggy pouch I found in Smiggle.

  3. Keys, with a big furry pink pom pom, so that they’re easy to find! I think I got this from Sportsgirl.

  4. Reusable shopping bag. Eco-friendly! Love shopping at Aldi with this bag. I got this from a news-agency.

  5. Tablet.My fave thing in the world. Watching all my Netflix, reading books, editing pictures on VSCO. Just.love.it. I have a cute, pink cover for it, to protect it.

  6. Wallet. I got this wallet from a cute little shop in Terrigal. I get SO many comments on it. The brand is Papaya Art. It’s super pretty!

So, that’s it lovelies.

I hope this post is helpful to you and gives you some inspiration for what to add to your bag 🙂

I’d love to know how you keep your bag organized and what you keep in your bag! Please share in the comments below.

Joelyne xoxo


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